Raw sewage flows on Benbow Street

“Jesus have mercy.

I hope someone would come help.

Please God.”

Because she knew she couldn’t rely on the people who regularly took her votes to help to stop the sewage flowing on Benbow street, Simone offered up this little prayer at the end of her video of sewage flowing on Benbow Street hoping for divine intervention.

The stench assaulted our nostrils.  The fear of cholera was there, as was the danger to the new born in one of the residents but this situation had been going on since December and it was now March.

The local Seventh Day Adventist church had made representation, as people who worked from the National Water Commission that lived in the area.  To no avail.  This has been the pattern for years but instead of fixing the unblocking the sewers that led to be overflow and engaging in regular maintenance, the political representatives and the NWC blamed the residents for the bottles and other waste material blocking the sewers.

It is obvious that they don’t care although they would point to all the conversations they have had about the problem and say that indicated that they care when sewage continue to flow onto the streets and the residents (and Jamaica) have to live with the danger of an outbreak of cholera.

This is just one indication that that it is time for a change.  We need more caring people in positions of leadership in our political parties as well as in organizations like the NWC.

I circulated the video Simone took to my friends and told them that I intended to write a letter to the Gleaner to publicize the treat of cholera to Jamaica.

One person with connection to Senator Mark Golding said such an article would be damaging to the political directorate and promised to bring it to his attention.  When Golding heard about my proposed letter to the Gleaner he was greatly concerned that the ensuing row could affect his chances for confirmation as a Caretaker Candidate and so managed to get off his butt and do something for the constituency. Is this what we want? Once he is confirmed will we not go back to 20 years of the same as before?  It is time for a change.


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