Broken Street Lights In South St Andrew

Published:Thursday | March 2, 2017 | 3:00 AM


We all care about the safety of our family, particularly our children and our womenfolk if they need to go out in the evenings. However, in south St Andrew, we have had to live without proper street lighting for years. Major thoroughfares like Collie Smith Drive and Lincoln Avenue are inadequately lit at night.

The people live in fear, especially now that the number of attacks on defenceless citizens has increased. People with small businesses just want the conditions to improve to facilitate their trade. We all agree that the cloak of darkness just emboldens criminals.

A number of reasons are given for the present situation:

1. The Jamaica Public Service (JPS) has been giving information of street lights to be fixed but they are just not fixing them.

2. The KSAC is in debt to the JPS to the tune of billions of dollars, and until this situation is addressed we can’t expect the JPS to address the situation.

3. Criminals are responsible for the situation.

But the residents in south St Andrew see the issue differently. This is but one example of the politicians abandoning the people and ignoring their concerns. Perhaps this is how the system works for poor people while the politicians and businesses live in comfort. Over the years, some have become so despondent they don’t believe anything can change.

The people of south St Andrew have been and are seriously affected by this situation and want their political representatives, the JPS and anyone else who is involved to fix the broken street lights and assure us and our families of our safety. It is a right of every citizen to live in safety and the current situation is unacceptable.

Wesley Morris